Wednesday 1 March 2017

Are You Stuck in the Day-To-Day Operations of Your Business?

Business Operations is the compilation of all the activities carried out inside a company that keep it running and generating revenue.

In standard business plans, the operations section is dedicated to helping business owners understand what systems, tools, people, and processes will be needed for the company business model to function.

A few examples of business operations:

    Creating and maintaining key systems needed to run a business, including customer service, billing, communications, marketing, deliver, and backup
    Creation of processes, tools, and players for key systems within the business
    Management of systems that control access and login information
    Establishing decision-making guidelines for team members
    Creation and maintenance of your Standard Operating & Procedures (SOP) guide
    Setting up effective backup systems to control company information
    Creation and management of systems that process payments
    Implementation of business tools and software to manage multiple systems
    Managing the process of delivering products and services to customers